Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Winds of Time

The calendar may read mid-July and the temperature may be upwards of 85 degrees but, in my household, fall is in the air.

Why, you may ask...

Because Morgan is registered for Pre-K and we just received her supply list and school calendar. Alongside such usual things as 3-ring binders and boxes of Kleenex are a few reminders that, while she may be 3 going on 13, Morgan is still quite young...

A complete change of clothes (shirt, pants, underwear, socks, shoes) – Accidents happen

A pillow, blanket and stuffed animal for naptime – Morgan and I are planning a trip to JoAnn Fabrics to pick out some fleece to make a no-sew fleece blanket. (Instructions can be found here.)

A picture of her family – I'm assuming that the main reason is to help stem some of the homesickness that might come along with the first week of school but I'll bet it is also so that the teachers can remember which parent goes with which child!

A picture of her as a baby – When I read that, my immediate thought was that she still IS a baby! But, as I pulled photo after photo from the Spring of 2005 up on my screen, I realized that she's come quite a long way from the bald little butterball that squeaked like a mouse while sleeping in her bassinette. The change in just three and a half short years is astounding. She's learned to crawl, then walk, then run and climb; to speak using a vocabulary that is a constant source of surprise to me; to pretend and create with her seemingly limitless imagination; to button buttons and zip zippers; to sing lyrics from Sondheim or of her own making. She's become an independent person with a personality and opinions all her own.

So, perhaps, the picture of her as a baby is less for her sake and more for the parents getting ready to send their little ones out into the world. Because, as I kiss her goodbye on her first day of school, I'll know that she'll always be my baby but she's also become quite a big girl and is ready to continue her learning in with a brand new exciting experience.

Image by Weeks Photography

Monday, July 14, 2008


This past weekend, we took Morgan to her very first movie in the theatre.

Morgan had a great time. Aside from chowing down on popcorn and peanut MnMs, she really enjoyed the movie and her parents did too. Wall-E was another excellent film from the Disney-Pixar collaborative team.

I had read a lot about how "dark" the story was, how "disturbing" the imagery was of what humanity had become and how there was little to no dialogue in the first half hour. Well, I found that Wall-E was anything BUT dark and disturbing and, if I hadn't read about the lack of dialogue, I don't think I'd even have noticed it.

I believe the message inherent in Wall-E is that you should never give up whether it be on love or on our Earth. THAT is quite uplifting.