Friday, October 10, 2008

It's all about ME!

At Morgan's preschool, they have an interesting alternative to traditional Show and Tell days. It's called the "Me Bag" and Morgan just got to experience it.

The way the Me Bag works is that, each Friday, one student in the class is allowed to bring the Me Bag home. That weekend, the child is to fill the bag with items that represent them. It could include photographs, books, pictures drawn by the child and favorite toys. The student brings the bag to school the following Monday and gives a presentation showing their items and telling the class about them.

When Morgan discovered that it was her turn for the Me Bag, she was so excited! She carried the bag around all weekend, taking turns filling it with things, giving a practice presentation and then dumping everything out and filling the bag with completely different items. Every once in a while, she would exclaim "It's my FIRST Me Bag!!!!" as if it were an occasion as momentous as her first birthday, first haircut, her first lost tooth, etc.

As Sunday approached, we knew that we had to nail down the final selections to bring to school the next day. They were:
• Bear Necessities, Morgan's cuddle-buddy and constant companion
• A picture of Mommy, Da, Morgan and Sophie in Arizona visiting Mamah and PopPop
• "Morgan's Book", a photo album created by Nana of her first day as a big sister
• A picture that Morgan drew of Elphaba, the main character in her favorite musical, Wicked
• A picture that Morgan drew of Spiderman which was sure to impress the boys in the class

The day of her presentation, Morgan confessed to having a few butterflies in her stomach. But she had nothing to worry about, her teacher said that her presentation was terrific. I only wish I had been a fly on the wall to watch!