Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wait for me!!!

In the ultimate example of second-child syndrome, I realize that I've written quite a bit about Morgan and very little about Sophie. Sorry sweetie! This one is for you...

Sophie thinks she is a big kid. Never was this more evident than at a playdate with some friends last week. They have a son, Rowan, who is a few months older than Morgan and another son, Gavin, who is a few months younger than Sophie. You'd think that it would work out that the big kids (joined by the five year old neighbor boy) would play together and the little kids would play together giving the Mommies a much deserved break. Not so fast. Sophie, tossing less than a glance Gavin's way, chased after the big kids the whole time calling "Wait! Wait!" Her little legs padding through the grass as fast as they could and her right arm pumping back and forth, faster and faster, as if it were willing her body along.

The main distraction on that hot day was a plastic slide set up to end in the inflatable pool. The older children were big enough that they could land and keep their heads above water but Sophie could not. Did this deter her? Nope. As soon as she stopped sputtering and choking on a mouthful of water, she would smile a proud smile, climb out of the pool and take her place in line with the big kids to do it all over again.

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