Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Webkinz Mania!

I like to consider myself a trend setter rather than a trend follower but one thing that has passed my family by until recently is Webkinz. Morgan and Sophie were just a little too young when they first came out and, as time went on, I didn't feel the need to introduce them. (Frankly, I get little enough time to work on the computer as it is without someone else waiting in the wings!)

Well, the other day, Vito brought home two Lil'Kinz... a cat and a dog. Someone had left them at the park and, after a few months in the lost and found, they needed a good home. Morgan chose the cat and gave the dog to Sophie.

When asked what she wanted to name the cat, Morgan replied "Nothin'" which turned into Nuffin. Sophie's favorite turn of phrase at the moment is "Wha' Happen'?" and thus the dog had a name.

After a day or so, we logged into the Webkinz site and an obsession was born. Some of it is too complicated for Morgan to do by herself but she loves to play some of the games, make her pets move around their rooms and interact with their stuff, and take her pets to see the vet, Dr Quack.

I've begun logging on while Morgan is at school and adding a few surprises for her to find when she logs in provided that she is quiet during nap time!

So, if any of you out there are part of the Webkinz world, send a note to SoMoGio's pets Nuffin and Happen!

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