Sunday, September 20, 2009


This is Bear Necessities.

He is Morgan's constant companion. Her best friend. Her cuddle buddy. Her "brother" as she calls him (Which, if Vito and I have anything to say about it...which we DO... will be the only brother she ever has). Named after the song from Jungle Book because, when Morgan was a baby, it was the go-to song whenever she was crying. Worked every time. Thankfully for our vocal cords, he now comforts her when the song used to.

The other night, after putting the girls to bed, Vito and I settled in to watch So You Think You Can Dance and have a few adult beverages. As she is wont to do, Morgan waited until lights out to decide that she needed to go potty. Vito lifted her over the baby gate at her door and she scurried off to the bathroom. Suddenly, we hear a scream that would peel paint off of the walls. Thinking that someone was hurt, we both leaped off of our chairs and ran into the kitchen where we encountered a sobbing Morgan clutching a soaking wet Bear Necessities. "I dropped him in the potty! I dropped him in the potty!" she wailed. "Now I have NO ONE! I have no one to cuddle! No one to sleep with!" Her sobs were coming fast and furious so Vito stepped in to comfort and distract her while I took the bear, established that he had fallen in post-flush and proceeded to pretend to wash him in the sink and dry him with the hair dryer all the while getting another bear out of the closet.

You read that right. We have a Spare Necessities. When Morgan chose Necessities (with a little encouragement from Mom and Dad) as her comfort object, I scoured the internet to find a place where I could purchase two more. We rotate them out every few weeks to be washed and ensure an even wear.

Back to the night in question, I gave Spare Necessities a few blasts of heat from the dryer for authenticity and a tragedy was averted. Morgan snuggled up with her cuddle buddy and all was right with the world.

So, if you take nothing else from this blog, remember this story. The moment your child shows a preference for one item or another, get a spare. Heck, get two! Our Spare Necessities and Extra Bella (Sophie's cuddle buddy) have helped us deal with leaky diapers, stomach flu and, now, toilet diving. Don't be caught without one!


Barbara Weeks said...

He's almost as cute as she it!

Genevieve said...

We have two Normans for Sullivan. I guess we should find a third.

The other day, though, while discussing spare lovies, Andrew suddenly looked distraught: "Do you think Paddington is the REAL Paddington?!?!!" LOL

The Seidlers said...

Snuggle is mine. Had him forever!

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